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HelMod model

HelMod is a 2D Monte Carlo model to simulate the solar modulation of galactic cosmic rays.
The model is based on the Parker’s transport equation which contains diffusion, convection, particle drift and energy loss. Following the evolution in time of the solar activity, we are able to modulate a local interstellar spectrum (LIS), that we assumed isotropic beyond the termination shock, down to the Earth position inside the heliosphere.

Basic information about HelMod model are presented in Model description section of the web.

Precise description of model physics can be found in articles listed in section Publications.

List of protons differential spectra evaluated by HelMod 1.5 are in HELMOD section of the web.


february 2013 - first HelMod web presentation published

Example of model results

Protons differential spectrum at 1AU (ecliptic plane) for februar 1998

CR intensity at 1AU (ecliptic plane), channel around 1.857GeV, evolution in years 1990 - 2007